Monday, November 13, 2017

Easiest, powerful and safe method to save animals from maggots etc


- To know method without reading story how i discovered this method go to near bottom of article with BOLD text.

- The article was written after 2 days of my medicine test and when many maggots died and healing skin started appearing on the skin holes. I forgot to capture photos of dog during the tests. But pic of healed stage is there at end of page.

How i found this method?

Incident 1: "Biggest & hardest task is to save life"

In August 2017 two puppies used to live near my home but one day i saw a hole in one puppy's right side of chest and lots of white maggots were eating the flesh of the puppy. Like a bowl with blood + tissues with bugs swimming in it. It was such a terrible view most people cannot watch it more. However i was more sad than disgusted and wanted to do something. The medicines of animals are not available in pharma stores near my home. The dog already reached severe stage and all i could do was keep him to a safe place in my home and try some cures i have heard. From anti-septic liquids to other methods i tried all i could do. I was forced to use the methods people should not randomly use. I mean using kerosene, petrol, phenol etc on wounds. These chemicals can be only used 1 or two times and only when problem is on skin and there is no alternative present. But when wound is deep inside skin these chemicals must not be used as they destroy the good cells more than the maggots do. The destroyed cells become food for maggots after chemicals evaporate.

I tried anti-septic liquids like Dettol which irritated the bugs and some of them started to come out but there were many inside the hole and it was not possible to take them out without surgical tools. (I also called a NGO JeevAsharay in my city Lucknow and they said they will come in 1-2 hours. They never came even after i contacted them via phone, facebook and sms repeatedly. I will pay for all the costs even if they are charity with free service. Most NGO's just want money and charity is their Elephant's trunk i.e. fake teeth.)

The smell of flesh kept getting bad. I kept the dog for many hours but when i cleaned the hole some maggots always appeared after some time. And also putting anti-septic water in hole used to go inside his stomach i guess. Because water kept disappearing. The dog finally died after some hours. I realised how tough is to save life :(.

Incident 2: "Maggots can be destroyed by natural things!"

After 2.5 months near my home a doggy gave birth to 5 puppies. All were good and people around give little food to them. But one day a kid shown me one of the puppies which were now 20 days old had same hole in his right side of stomach!. He said he has no medicine to apply. I checked the hole and it was deep just like previous case. I was sad to see the same thing. I decided to apply home remedies this time which humans also use. I kept applying Povidone-Iodine solution on hole to keep it safe from further infections.

From website info i applied Neem Oil + Kapoor (camphor) in the hole. However nothing came out of hole and i thought there are no maggots. This method works but due to lack of pure neem oil i instead used povidone-iodine to clean he hole. However after 2 days i saw 1 maggot eating flesh. Now i had to kill these parasites anyhow. After trying many methods i had to use my own knowledge and my last weapon against the maggots. I always keep Phitkiri (Potash Alum) in home. I avoid chemicals like after-shave etc. Phitkiri is an extremely useful first aid stuff. It cleans water, kills bad microbes etc. Its a blood coagulation accelerator / booster!. If your skin gets cut or damaged by anything applying potash coagulates blood in seconds.

I made a semisolid paste of phitkiri/potash with water and filled in the maggot infested hole. After 24 hours i saw maggots trying to come out of hole and ants attacking on the maggots!. I applied more potash with water with Povidone-Iodine above on it & on surrounding skin. After 12 Hours i saw died maggots over the hole. Many maggots finally died. The hole looked like filled with pus but it was potash texture with flesh. There also appeared a healing skin on the hole. This is the current situation of the wound and the dog can walk around to eat food, poo etc.

How phitkiri destroyed maggots?

When i was trying to find a solution my idea was to use some method other than i used i.e. trying to kill maggots. Instead of killing those maggots i thought to use potash to block all the possible ways maggots can live. It works like this -

- Maggots as soon as hurt the tissues blood is discharged.
- Exposed blood is mixed with potash which makes a clot there and tissues become a harder mass lacking blood.
- Maggots do not get flesh and blood to eat and start loosing energy. They by their own actions block their ways!. Now the monsters who can kill 1000s times bigger creature than them live a pathetic disastrous life.
- Other than coming out of the hole there is nothing much they can do.
- Potash boosts blood coagulation, saves from many microbes, blocks the flesh and more benefits.

This method i tested for 2 days gave the results rest of past 4-5 days could not. It means this solution is applicable to many infections where parasite has to die of hunger.


Make a semi-solid paste of Phitkiri i.e. Potash Alum + water and apply over the wound or fill in the maggot infested holes on tissues. How it works is described above. Anyone without any medical skills can use this method to save animals or humans from such infections when there is no hospital service present around.