Thursday, November 16, 2023 store review. It takes time but genuine store.

I was looking for some phone spares and found a seller on Amazon with name BringUAll. This seller was selling the items i needed. However they also have their website where they sell items at cheaper price than Amazon and Flipkart etc stores. I took risk and made an order. Recorded video of whole shopping flow till end. Below are some screenshots.

My issue -
My nokia 8.1 charging type c port was malfunctioning. It needed replacement because Nokia is now a popular brand which makes very bad quality usb charging dock. Its charging port dies in lots of devices. Most stores offer copy charging board.  This copy board comes without Network, MIC and fast charging chips. This causes poor network, bad mic during calls and slow charging after replacement of charging board or usb dock or usb flex whatever you may call it.

Back to their website. They show WhatsApp icon which leads to their business account for chat which responded after 2 days. This is expected from a new small scale store with smaller staff. I guess they have small staff.

The paid order remains in "On Hold" status until they manually verify the payment if done using UPI. When you pay via UPI they ask for transaction ID to verify payment and then do further processing of the order.

My order was successfully delivered to me in 3 days once payment was verified. The item is worked perfectly and was exactly as described on website. The product had minor issue with its contact point little bent. This can happen while handling during packaging. I fixed it and assembled into phone and i got phone working just like new. My phone is now behaving like what it behaved with original board. No network issue, no mic issue no charging issue.

You can also buy it via below link -