Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ayurvedic/Herbal/Natural way for killing worms in stomach, intestine.

From childhood i had habit of eating lots of sugar. I used to remain weak, unhealthy even after teenage. Got medications for worms in childhood. But i always doubted i still have worms but doctor never agreed. I used to get strange thoughts which i cannot describe and always felt like i am not fully healthy. I saw a documentary on Discovery channel about parasites, worms and how they can affect thoughts of host. This made me worried because i also knew of my relative who was diagnosed with worms whose eggs reached his brain and got calcified.

Even after visiting doctors and they ruled out all possibility of worms. I decided to follow Ayurveda. I have been studying ancient knowledge and have come to conclusion they are mostly right. Will write about this on other posts. I bought a booklet "Aushad Darshan" by Acharya Balkrishn published by Patanjali ISBN: 81-89235-04-4. On Page-60 there i found cure for Helminthiasis. Below is the method in the booklet which i followed -

  • Crush few leaves of peaches (Aadu, आड़ू in Hindi) to make juice about 1 tablespoon. Every morning just after waking up this has to be consumed for 4-5 days. I followed this method.
  • Or use leaves of Marua plant. Looks like Tulsi plant but has lots of fragrance. Mix it with 1 gram Kabila powder. Consume same way as above.

After doing 1 i suffered loose motion with lots of yellow fluid on same day. There were lots of small particles in it. It was mostly fluid not even anything semi solid. It happened 1st day and never occurred again. From 2nd day i got mucous in stool for 3-4 days. Then it also stopped. Then came a surprise. The strange thoughts and other such things stopped!. I used to get stomach issues which reduced by a major factor. Ayurveda demands faith in medication.

I used some of biology knowledge to guess what could have happened by the cure. This is just my guess and might not be fully correct but i am sharing it. The worms hook their body parts on intestine walls. To my guess the worms were killed by peach leaves and when they detached from the walls mucous was also released later. Blood was not seen in stool in any day so may be it was only little bit which got mixed with other things.

I also used the same method on my dog but with more natural way. Whenever i have to give my dog or (even myself) some dose of herbs etc, whose dosage i am not sure of, i put the leaves for example in bowl of water and let the leaves stay in it for day(s). Its like boiling but it takes long time and dosage is very small. Dog cannot easily recognize there is something in water :-D. I have done this for years and used Aadu leaves for dog also. My dog has not been administered with worm tablets in past many years. She is 10.0+ years age now.

Since this information is based on Ayurveda i nowhere claim it to be invented/discovered by me. You can ask Ayurveda experts and they will give many more ways to kill worms in stomach, From Garlic to Pumpkin seeds etc. Don't loose your faith in nature and always believe nature has cure for everything. No problem in universe appears without solution. Ayurveda demands lots of faith, patience and discipline.


The only purpose of this post was to share my experience with nature and natural methods. Don't do anything without knowledge and proper study. Faith on nature is must but that doesn't mean eat anything in front of us. Internet is full of lots of wrong information also. Spread by pirate kind of business doers. Read about anything before applying it.

Don't randomly apply the information i just shared here. Everyone's body and mind state are different. Its as simple as knowing "a diabetic should not eat more sugar than required". Ask experts to be sure. Don't believe something strong said by 1 doctor. Until more than 1 random doctors say same don't take it. Just like there are many low skilled engineers even after completing their courses so is the case with doctors. Just an opinion.

Something everyone should think

Many researches just take Ayurveda like ancient knowledge and work on it. Once they found the key chemical(s) inside it they make isomers of it. Because they cannot patent NATURE they make derivatives and patent it for doing business. This is most profiting way for them and other side many even try to prove that natural way is harmful. World is full of politics and it demands people with knowledge to understand this devil game.

Think yourself even after proved harms for many fast foods they are being sold massively BUT Ayurveda is a PSEUDO-SCIENCE and many of its methods are BANNED. Many fast food have millions of chemicals in it. No one knows full chemistry of it but its OK to sell. Many medicines like Mintop where even those who invented/discovered it don't know how it grows hairs but is available over the counter. This type of medical business with cost a huge price to this planet.